New Halloween Novella Release!

I am excited to announce the release of Double Shot of Love: A Coral Cove Halloween Romance! It is the second novella in my Coral Cove series and is available as an eBook on—just in time for Halloween! Here’s a sneak peek at the book:



Jack Peterson left Texas to seek out adventure and a new life as a hot shot barista in Seattle. But even two thousand miles wasn’t far enough to keep a certain fiery redhead from haunting his dreams. Unable to fight his desire for Melanie Baker any longer, he returns to Coral Cove to open a new espresso bar—the Jack O’Lantern—next to Melanie’s chocolate shop. She is the only woman who can make his temperature soar, but when things heat up for Jack, he finds winning her heart back is trickier than he thought.


Melanie doesn’t know the difference between a cappuccino and a Frappuccino, but she knows a self-centered ex-boyfriend when she sees him. She banished Jack from her heart years ago, but between failed Halloween recipes, an absentee sister, and Jack’s return, the small-town Texan with a penchant for cowboy boots senses trouble brewing. She finds it difficult to separate “high school” Jack from “grown-up” Jack, but after years of being abandoned by everyone she loves, she fights the temptation to give him another chance.


When a stray dachshund links them together, can Jack and Melanie overcome their past and grasp a second shot at love, or is it a Halloween recipe for disaster?



I hope you enjoy this Halloween story, and be sure to check out the Halloween recipe for Creepy Cauldrons at the end of the book! It was a ton of fun coming up with this recipe. I wanted to add a dollop of spookiness with a dash of espresso, in honor of Jack! I first tried this recipe as Melanie originally created it in the book—with tabasco—and true to Jack’s reaction, they were unbearably hot! It turns out that adding fresh espresso to the filling was the secret ingredient this recipe needed! Hope you enjoy the book and the recipe!


Happy Halloween!


Cadia / Muffet

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