I am thrilled to announce the release of my debut romance novelette, Heart’s Desire! It is the first book in the Coral Cove Romance series. Creating this fun, light-hearted romance has been a ton of fun! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Here is a summary of Heart’s Desire:

Chocolate makes everything better, until it goes missing!

Cassandra Baker is a small-town Texas chocolatier intent on one thing, and one thing only: making Decadent Desserts a success. But on the eve of Valentine’s Day, her largest order ever for her signature chocolate creation, Heart’s Desires, goes missing, and the head of Sterling Industries is fuming. He demands she deliver the order personally to Arizona by five o’clock the next day, or he will put her company out of business. There’s only one problem: the shipping company is closed, it’s a twenty-hour drive, and she’s terrified of flying.

Nicholas Sterling hates Valentine’s Day and has sworn never to fall in love again. When his father passes away unexpectedly, the Air Force pilot returns home to help his mother, Dolores, run the family business for a year before joining the Reserves. But transitioning to civilian life has its challenges, and he lashes out at everyone, including the owner of Decadent Desserts. In memory of his father, Nicholas promises Dolores he will give a “Chocolate Bonus” to the employees, but time is running short, and his order has vanished.

When Dolores talks Nicholas into flying the company plane to pick up replacement chocolates and bring Cassandra back with him to insure they arrive in perfect condition, it’s all he can do to control his attraction to the quirky, determined chocolatier and convince her to join him. After all, she’s never set foot on a plane…and never intends to.

To read Cassandra and Nicholas’s story, please download your copy from Amazon! Happy reading!

Heart’s Desire was written as part of the STOLEN HEARTS series, which consists of six fabulous authors who have written Valentine stories, all with the theme of Stolen Hearts!

Books in the STOLEN HEARTS series include:

Heart’s Desire, by Cadia Cox


A Sappy Love Story, by Diane Kelly


My New Girl-Fiend, by Hadley Holt


Hearts, Howls, and Heroes, by Trinity Blake

The Trouble with Larry, by Angela Harris


Stolen Memories, by Sherrel Lee






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